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If your wheel has gone out of true then I can re-true it which will involve bringing it back to true both radially and laterally (i.e it’s round and straight). I’ll also check the wheel is correctly dished i.e. the rim sits central to the axle.

Spoke Replacement

If you have broken spokes then I can replace the spokes and then re-true the wheel (see Re-True).

Cost varies depending on how many spokes need replacing, plus materials (spokes, nipples and rim tape).


Rim Replacement

If your rim is worn or damaged then it can be replaced with a new rim. Assuming the spokes are in good condition they can be re-used but I usually replace the nipples with new ones. The wheel will then be Trued (see Re-True) and Tensioned i.e. spokes tightened to the correct tension and the tension is even across the wheel.

Please note – Depending on how a wheel has been damaged it’s not always possible to repair by Re-Truing or Spoke Replacement and a Rim Replacement maybe required but I’ll assess that and let you know so you can make an informed decision.

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