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Electric Bike Wheel - Steve 



“I was forever replacing spokes in my E-Bike wheel until I happened upon Jim. He explained the (not inconsiderable) ins and outs of wheel rebuilding. Sounded like a job for someone who knew what he was doing, rather than a DIY attempt. I made the right choice, Jim dealt with the wheel swiftly and at sensible cost and it was never a problem again. The bike even seemed more powerful than before, I think with less ‘slop’ in the build, it was able to perform better. Most recommended!” 



I rebuilt Steve’s front wheel on his Ezee Torq with the electric motor in the hub. I changed it from being a 2-cross spoke  pattern to a 3 cross and used stronger spokes and a directionally drilled rim. 


MTB Wheel - Jonathan 



I bought some Light Bicycle carbon rims for my mountain bike and needed them built onto my Hope hubs. I'd looked online for information about the rims and found out that the quoted ERD was different from the actual. I was a bit worried about getting the correct spokes since I didn't know which ERD to trust but Jim advised me what to get and compensated for the incorrect ERD with different nipples.They were quickly built and they've had a few rough downhill and cross country sessions on them now and there's been no pinging or settling in, they are perfectly tensioned and ready to go. When I destroy them I'll definitely use Jim again.



I built up Jon's 650B carbon rims onto his existing Hope hubs using DT Swiss Competition spokes.

JD Tandems - John & Ruth 



"As a tandem specialist and manufacturer we pride ourselves on the quality & reliability of our products. Jim has been building wheels for our tandems for the past four years or so and will have built us in excess of 1,000 wheels during this time and we are delighted to specify them on our tandems. We offer our customers a choice of rims, spokes & hubs and it is important that we have a wheel builder we can rely on, we certainly get this from Jim. The attention to detail and the quality of finished product shows through time and time again."

Hub Gear - Croz 



"Jim built me a rear wheel for my winter mountain bike. It is built onto a Shimano Alfine hub and I must say he provided an excellent service. He recommended a rim which would complement the hub because Alfie hubs have much wider flanges than the standard hub which makes the spokes shorter. The rim he recommended had angled eyelets so the spokes would pull in the right direction. Brilliant advice as the rim hasn't needed any tweaks or trueing despite having been hammered through the best of Yorkshire's winter riding conditions. I can thoroughly recommend Jim as a wheel builder. Not only was the wheel a great build, it was also a really fast and friendly service."


I built up a new 26” MTB wheel for Croz using his Alfine hub and suggested a directionally drilled rim allowing for a 3-cross spoke pattern; plus stronger spokes.



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